SmallerKnickers™ is a joint venture, part of Assiem Ltd

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Our healthy eating choices will be either to fuel our body or in response to a trigger (even when we are not physically hungry). SmallerKnickers™ helps people to become aware of the food we eat, as well as personal habits, beliefs and triggers that are affecting healthy eating behaviours, and may have contributed to previous diet fails.

  • Lose weight and then put it back on again, and again?
  • Frustrating, having tried numerous diets?
  • Willpower is limited when trying to achieve your health targets?

Ever thought there must be a better way? SmallerKnickers™ believes that understanding the mind and body connection, as you decide what and when to eat, could help achieve your healthier lifestyle.

SmallerKnickers™ could help support your chosen health plans with short films and information on:

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Smaller Knickers For Life, the book is now available on Amazon.  Find the specific pieces of your weight loss puzzle so you can master your food fantasy and achieve a long-term healthy lifestyle.