Through Executive Coaching we help managers and senior managers to become inspiring and motivational leaders, improve their team’s results through difficult changes, and become re-engaged with the organisation so that they want to stay even when the market picks up.


  • Are you spending a lot of your time dealing with difficult people?
  • Do you want a better understanding of the different ways people react to situations, including yourself and your boss?
  • Are you worried about staff retention?
  • Can you see that some members of your team are less motivated than others?
  • Are your team focussing on problems rather than trying to find solutions, or not learning from their mistakes?
  • Are you being asked to deliver the same standards with less resources and a lower budget?

If you can relate to these concerns, these are precisely the problems we want to help managers to solve.


Influential leadership and coaching is about effective communication skills that allow people to learn, think, create and to solve problems effectively and quickly, inspiring better performance.  Being about to encourage team members to come up with their own ideas and solutions, allows many of the big challenges faced by organisations to begin to be resolved: the lack of employee engagement, development of new leaders and continuous innovation.

The success of an organisation depends on the performance of the people who work in it.  The degree of success you achieve as a leader is likely to be measured by the results that are realized through the efforts of your team.  Therefore, supportive leadership skills are needed to help people fulfil their potential, work at their best and continue to become more capable and skilled.


With science proving that motivation using the carrot & stick approach can actually worsen performance, our emphasis is on leaders:
1. Developing advanced self-awareness, to truly understand their needs, circumstances and impact on others.
2. Using this understanding to build on their current leadership skills to noticeably inspire better performance in a team, including utilising individuals’ skill sets and balancing a team who think in different ways, making decisions under pressure, and effectively challenging new ways of thinking.

To develop effective leadership skills we would cover:

YOU:                       Initially, you need to have a greater awareness of yourself, for example how you interpret the world around you, how you are motivated, make decisions and cope with stress.

YOUR STYLE:       Then you need to establish an effective communication style with those similar and different to yourself, including motivating others, giving feedback and managing conflict.

YOUR TEAM:         Additionally, your leadership skills need to inspire better performance in your team, from utilising individuals’ skill sets and balancing a team who think in different ways, to effectively challenging new ways of thinking and ensuring a focus on solutions rather than problems.

Coaching for team managers can be provided for individuals or small groups, depending on your specific requirements.  It is important that any work conducted by Assiem Ltd should support the existing structure, rather than attempt to replace what is clearly working effectively.  Therefore, all important decisions about content and facilitation are worked through with the management involved.

One highly successful Team Leadership Development programme for 9 Team Leaders has been structured over a 10-week period and included five group workshops interspersed with five 1-2-1 coaching sessions.  This enabled efficient information sharing and team building, with the opportunity for personal understanding and implementation of knowledge.

“I was impressed at how Karen was able to remain impartial, especially in the one to one sessions where at times there was some serious discussion around negative feelings towards others.  I have seriously seen changes already [in 10 weeks] in how we all operate together as a leadership team.”  Team Leader

“I found the whole programme to be incredibly helpful. The 1-2-1s were a great place to talk through specific situations and get external advise/perspective on real world situations. The group workshops were great for us all to learn new ideas and techniques with everyone able to contribute questions that challenged and evolved our personal understanding of the techniques and knowledge provided.” Manager


With over 20 years’ senior executive experience in leading, managing and coaching teams across operations and client servicing departments in both Retail and Institutional (DB and DC) business areas, Karen has a proven track record of developing teams to deliver high standards of client service, productivity improvements and operational risk awareness.  Karen’s approach to developing self-awareness and leadership skills has helped managers improve annual KPI results including increasing productivity by 20%, customer satisfaction by 14% and tenure by 26%.

Karen has worked with teams across UK, India and Ireland, leading organisational restructures, efficiencies and change programmes, customer security and off-shoring projects, as well as HR related initiatives such as company-wide Manager training, Employee Satisfaction surveys, grievances/appeals procedures and mentoring.


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