Reducing Zoom Fatigue

“Zoom fatigue” – yet another phrase we would never have said or heard of this time last year! And it would be fair to say that many people are in the “I’m bored of it all now” stage.  2020 has certainly been a masterclass in seeing how mental anxiety and stress increases when we are […]

Negotiation: A Checklist For Lasting Results

  A major conflict between departments can cause considerable delay to organisational success and stress for those involved.  A recent discussion I had was regarding a stand-off between a client’s Sales and Operations departments.  Sales were concerned that the Operations department were hampering their ability to win new clients with strict processing rules, and Operations believed the Sales department […]

How Do You Prefer To Manage Conflict?

Although research has shown that 18-26% of managers’ time is spent on dealing with conflict, there is more than just time that can be gained from effective handling and conflict management.  Whenever there are disagreements between colleagues (be that regarding tasks, projects, handling specific situations) where different perspectives, information and expertise are brought to the […]