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I Put A spell On You !!

By Karen Goold, NLP Practitioner

My 7 year old nephew, Cameron, came home from school feeling very sad. He had been told he was stupid and, heartbreakingly, was beginning to believe it. Despite being articulate in conversation and a great story teller, he rarely achieved more than three out of ten for his spelling. This led to discussions that he might be dyslexic.

Whilst studying for the NLP Practitioners course, one thing stood out as a process I wanted to try as soon as I’d completed the practical; the Spelling Strategy.

So, newly qualified, I quickly engaged Cameron’s natural enthusiasm to be able to spell and established he had been trying, unsuccessfully, to spell phonetically. We started the Spelling Strategy with the first word on his next spelling test and, as he learnt word after word, he became visibly more excited. He even began to highlight the words he thought he “needed to work on”.

His dad, who was learning the technique so he could practice with him, needed more convincing and throughout the afternoon asked him to spell the words again. Cameron got them right every time.

Since then, Cameron has achieved 10 out of 10 for every single spelling test and has moved to the advanced list.  His confidence is through the roof and he can’t wait to go back in to school for the next test. “These spellings are so easy now”, he says!

It was worth every hour and every penny of my course, just to see that smile on his face as he now beams with pride over his achievement. It’s amazing to think this simple technique has the potential to be life-changing for someone at such an important age.

Published NLP Newsletter 16th June 2009

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