Career Management

A Change To The Small Words

When trying to achieve success for goals and targets, changing a couple of tiny words can help you move your focus from negative to positive. Not only is this very useful for your personal goals, but it's will make a difference when communicating and motivating others.

Project ME! 2017

What is it that you want to change for yourself this year?  What are your targets and goals for your development that you want to put in place? Change isn’t easy, and it’s rarely fast.  The initial decision to change can be fast – can be overnight.  Something happens, someone says ...

A Career Promise

We often make promises to people, and pride ourselves in keeping those promises.  But there is often one promise that ends up being put to the bottom of the list, or even forgotten about completely, and that’s the promise to ourselves to develop our own career. “I’m in a good enough ...