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“One of Karen’s core skills is her ability to take a strategic deliverable and work through the practical and tactical solutions to deliver a positive outcome. Her ability to drill down to the detail, identify tasks, stakeholders and risks is very effective and results in well structured projects. This means resources are used appropriately, risks and issues are escalated early on and road blocks removed.”

Lisa, Associate Director, Financial Services


Saving on recruitment costs is certainly important at any time, but it becomes even more pressing during times of economic uncertainty. At the same time, companies need safe pairs of hands to provide effective communication skills and guide them through a recession and people who can see it as a positive, taking advantage of the opportunities it may bring.

According to a recent survey, previous experience of a downturn is important to provide confidence amidst crisis to more junior managers, knowledge of the dynamics of change, vision to see beyond the immediate situation and taking the necessary measures which will ultimately prove successful.

As businesses are reluctant to commit to long term fixed costs, they are turning to interim management to ease the burden and risks of permanent recruitment, whilst integrating smoothly with the current team, and providing fast results.


Based on a proven track record of implementing productivity improvements and efficiencies, without incurring any additional costs to do so, Karen believes she could offer you cost effective resource at a time of recruitment restrictions and budgetary constraints. Karen works closely with clients to define assignments, and using effective communication skills encourages a team approach to achieving results in line with the desired direction.

With over 20 years experience with Financial Services and FMCG/blue chip companies, Karen has worked for or with clients including Fidelity Investments, Coca Cola, Premier Foods, Buena Vista, Tropicana, Kraft, Neuhaus, Harper Collins, Allied Domecq, Bass and EMI.

Interim management assignments can be used for providing solutions to management resourcing problems or to resolve corporate concerns, including senior level departures, managing departments or restructures, planning and implementing change, leading projects and implementing cost reductions.


Karen’s achievements and assignments to date include:

Productivity: Contact Centre improved by 20%, whilst quality monitoring scores increased from 66% to 86% and first time resolution to 92%
Efficiency: Quarterly report despatch timelines reduced by 14 business days and production costs reduced by £53k pa
Staff Tenure: 26% improvement in one year, reducing turnover costs by c£450k
Risk management: Dealing errors reduced from 1.07% to 0.21%, saving c£224k pa
Client Satisfaction: Increased by 14% in one year, 92% satisfied/very satisfied
Analysis & Budgeting: Co-ordinated $203m budget process, Activity Based Costing, developed a Contact Centre forecasting model
Project management: Department offshoring, Customer Security change programme to c400k customers, Account Take-On Process, Fund launches, developing FMCG Trade Pricing Policies for a number of clients, Retail Market Research
Leadership: 20 years’ experience with teams up to 150 employees across UK, Ireland and India, restructures, efficiencies, change management, goal setting, competencies, Employee Satisfaction Surveys


These have been achieved by fully assessing the situation and its complexities, whilst interacting with team members to gain their respect and support. Given Karen’s Executive Coaching background, she can also guide the relevant personnel to take over the working practices when she has finished the assignment, thereby ensuring continued success.

Karen is also a certified practitioner of Applied Neuroscience, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment tool and, where appropriate, can utilise this alongside other management tools such as the Thomas-Kilman Conflict Mode Instrument™ (TKI™) and Belbin®.


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