We help managers to develop their leadership skills to identify and implement productivity and efficiency improvements of up to 20% in one year, together with the associated cost savings.


Do you have to provide the same standards but with fewer resources?

Do you think your team could be more efficient if you only had the time and resources to review it properly?

Would you like your management team to instinctively look for improvements?

Millions of pounds are wasted in organisations through a lack of understanding of how to instinctively recognise where cost savings, efficiencies and productivity improvements could be made.

Although advancements in technology and equipment are essential, displaying leadership skills by constantly thinking, acting and speaking about productivity will ensure that all employees at all levels are involved in the search for improvements.  The opportunity gained from focussing on what is important and makes a positive difference can be key to surviving an economic downturn.

“Performance orientated with the customer firmly at the centre of her drive for continuous improvement, Karen had the vision to build and the drive to push the Contact Centre senior management team to a 20% gain in productivity and 20% drop in required headcount in less than 10 months. New MI was created to accurately track and correct performance and as a strong advocate for the balance between people and business goals the whole team was challenged and developed throughout the changes.”

Vince, Associate Director, Financial Services


Over the last few years, many organisations have reduced employee headcount but without reducing the workload.  Therefore, employees and management often feel that they are struggling to keep functioning under the increasing demands.  Efficiency and productivity gains are essential for the organisation’s future, but also to motivate and encourage all those involved.

Additionally, team members are often more aware of where inefficiencies lie, how to avoid bottlenecks, or what the customer really thinks than the senior management are.  Consulting them on a regular basis and making them feel involved in the decision making process is not only empowering but saves the organisation money.

Available as a standalone or tailored management development workshop, this programme provides insights into ways of reviewing and analysing potential areas of improvement, strategic planning and evaluating return.  Secondly, it provides coaching on essential leadership skills, effective communication skills and motivational skills, which inspire better performance from the team.


To ensure the best results with the minimum of commitment, this management development programme would be a minimum of 2 days of intensive coaching providing full understanding of the requirements for ongoing practical application.  It would be tailored to individual organisations and include the following:

  • Interviews with relevant personnel within the organisation to understand expectations, business practices and management information, ensuring relevant data is used in the workshop.
  • Framework for productivity Review Workshop (7 hours)
  • Leadership Skills and Motivation Workshop (7 hours)


Encouraging full employee participation and providing managers with the skills necessary to review, analyse and manage efficiencies and productivity improvements will allow the organisation to save costs; especially important during and moving out of an economic downturn.

Karen has first-hand experience of the challenges faced by managers in the high pressured environments of today’s organisations, and has a proven track record of implementing cost-free productivity improvements and efficiencies.  By way of example, in one year, over £1m was saved through process and staff tenure improvements in one team.  Your newly trained managers could recoup the Workshop fees within a very short space of time, and many times over as their experience and confidence progresses.


To understand more about the ways Assiem can help you and your team improve productivity, please use the contact box to request an initial discussion.