Through Executive Coaching sessions we work with managers individually, to motivate and develop themselves and their teams to produce the maximum improvement in the most straightforward and cost effective way.

Traditional training courses may not have helped change leadership behaviour in the long term, as the key skills are never practised back in the work environment.  However, learning through experience, successes and mistakes has different results.  When leaders change role or responsibility, it’s often “sink or swim” time, and unfortunately many fail.  However, with coaching, leaders have the opportunity to develop self-awareness and can be supported in learning through their direct and real-time experience.

“I would recommend Karen to any senior executive who wants to find different ways of looking at their business. Ever challenging and insightful, Karen worked with me to create and structure new approaches that have had a major impact on me and my team.” 

Mike Berry, UK Country Manager, Talent Agency



For many clients, their working environment requires them to develop effective communication skills, including motivating others, giving feedback and managing conflict, but there is little resource within their organisation to support them ongoing.

Leadership skills are required or expected to inspire better performance in their team, including utilising individuals’ skill sets and balancing a team who think in different ways, making decisions under pressure, and effectively challenging new ways of thinking. In specific cases, clients may benefit from a greater awareness of themselves as individuals; eg how they are motivated, make decisions and cope with stress.

Are you worried about dealing with difficult people?
Are your team not achieving what you’d hoped?
Do you feel that you could be a better manager if you were given some more support?
Do you find that the feedback you provide isn’t getting the desired effect?

Executive coaching can help people fulfil their potential, work at their best and continue to become more capable and skilled. Executive Coaching can be made available to individuals with specific development areas, or for those who are experiencing challenges in a leadership role.



Executive Coaching sessions will concentrate on the main goals identified for management development and can tackle any issues the individual has been unwilling or unable to discuss with their line manager; therefore achieving fast results.

As required, executive coaching can include the use of widely accepted management tools for self-awareness such as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment tool, Thomas-Kilman Conflict Mode Instrument™ (TKI™), Belbin® and VAK language skills (Visual, auditory, kinaesthetic).  

Karen has also recently completed the Certificate in Applied Neuroscience, which enables “brain-friendly” approaches to motivation, decision-making and planning, creativity and insight, learning and memory, and stress management.

One area we excel in is getting delegates to commit to using and applying the ideas and techniques covered in the executive coaching sessions. They will leave the coaching with the confidence to apply what they have learned and be inspired and motivated to put it into action in the real world.

“I have really valued and appreciated the time I get to spend with Karen each week, and have been able to focus on the team building and communication skills that have been so daunting in the past. Karen has been challenging the way I approach things, giving me ideas of things to try, and has been very supportive. For the first time in several years, I feel as though I am learning again, and that is a wonderful feeling! Karen was one of the best people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, and she really helped me understand more about myself and my role, and I can’t thank her enough for that.”

Kate Terry, Senior Client Admin Manager, Financial Services



Executive Coaching Individual Sessions – 2 hour sessions, covering specific client requirements

Executive Coaching Package – agreed number of 2hour 1-2-1 sessions, including an initial consultation, meeting with line manager (as required), establishing goals, planning development structure, limited telephone contact between sessions.

New Manager Executive Coaching Package – agreed number of 2hour 1-2-1 sessions, including an initial consultation, meeting with line manager, establishing goals, planning development structure, review of feedback/appraisals, 3 months of weekly email forums to ask questions or discuss experiences.

Platinum Executive Coaching Package – This is an exclusive and individual package for leaders who want significant results fast.  Only a few clients are taken on each year, so use the contact page now to take the next step.

To understand more about the ways 1-2-1 Executive Coaching can help you, please use the contact box to request an initial discussion.



Individual Executive Coaching addresses the fundamental and cost efficient leadership skills which organisations require to improve employee engagement and development, results on key business drivers and innovation for future success. Unresolved, these are costing a huge investment of time and the equivalent of millions of pounds across medium to large organisations.

Statistics such as “6 out of 10 employees are not satisfied with the department they work for” and “72% of staff believes there are no opportunities for personal development and career growth” are often attributable to the quality of the direct leadership. Successful organisations understand the link between employee motivation and improved productivity and innovation, as well as the costs and disruption associated with hiring replacement employees.

A recent management survey also highlighted managers are spending 18-26% of their time on conflict management (which equates to up to £9000 for a manager on a £35k remuneration package). Working out your time in this way, how quickly can your coaching investment be reimbursed by improving this percentage?
Additionally, every one hour coaching session pays for itself from around 1-2 hours productivity improvement.



To understand more about the ways Executive Coaching can help you, please contact us to request an initial discussion.

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