Through Executive Coaching sessions we work with managers individually, to motivate and develop themselves and their teams to produce the maximum improvement in the most straightforward and cost effective way.
The Platinum Executive Coaching Programme is an exclusive and individual package for leaders who want significant results fast.   This is 100% tailored to your requirements.  And because of the nature and depth of the support, only a select few clients can be taken on each year.


  • Are you worried about being able to keep your valued employees in the company, especially when the market improves?
  • Are you being asked to deliver the same standards with less resources and a lower budget?
  • Do a few dissatisfied employees seem to be negatively affecting the overall productivity levels or quality of service of your team?
  • Are your team not achieving what you’d hoped, or are targeted against?
  • Are your team focussing on problems rather than trying to find solutions, or not learning from their mistakes?
  • Is it possible to motivate some team members, but not others?
  • If your team members were surveyed right now, how many would be satisfied with the department they work for?
  • Could your own motivation level be affecting those around you?
  • Do you feel you need to stay one step ahead?
You no doubt have tough targets for yourself and your organisation.  Recent research has shown that companies with high employee engagement/motivation are better placed in the current market than those with low engagement, recording 18% higher productivity, 12% higher profitability and 12% higher customer advocacy.  And it’s estimated that UK companies with disengaged staff lose £200bn per year.
Superior leadership skills are required to inspire better performance in a team, including utilising individuals’ skill sets and balancing a team who think in different ways, making decisions under pressure, and effectively challenging new ways of thinking.
Do you understand how you are motivated, take in information, make decisions and structure your life?  Only once you have a greater self-awareness, can you fully appreciate others who are similar to you, and especially those who differ from you.   And it’s at that stage that you can really inspire performance in your team and achieve the results you’re looking for.


Platinum Self Awareness
Provides a detailed understanding into behaviour, motivation and decision making preferences, across a number of widely accepted tools, together with a full analysis of how these work alongside each other and how these relate to your current situation and future goals.
  • Full MBTI® preference code process (inc questionnaire, feedback session and “best fit” confirmation)
  • Full TKI™ (Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument™) preference process (inc questionnaire, your preference and usability in different situations)
  • Full VAK language preference process (inc questionnaire)
  • If required, Belbin® preference modes (inc questionnaire and use in the workplace)
  • Understanding behaviour and the world around us, through beliefs, values and use of preferences
Platinum Leadership Skills Enhancement
Building on your previous successes within management and leadership roles, this platinum package provides a dedicated resource to help you discover an in-depth understanding of how you’ve achieved what you’ve done so far and how you can accelerate your achievements going forward.  This could include:
  • An agreed number of 1 hour 1-2-1 intensive sessions (usually weekly)
  • Initial consultation
  • Interviews with line manager and peers (as required)
  • Getting into the detail (surface and possibly hidden) and establishing specific goals
    of achievement
  • Planning and implementing a detailed development structure
  • Understanding motivation, effective communication and employee engagement in relation to your specific team.
  • Challenging and overcoming current beliefs and behaviour patterns which could be holding you back
  • Independent feedback on your deliverables and appraisals


Do you need to get results similar to those already achieved, as below:
  • Tenure improved by 26% in one year
  • Productivity improved by 20% in one year
  • Employee turnover costs reduced by c£450k in one year
  • Dealing errors reduced from 1.07% to 0.21%, saving c£224k pa
Achieving these results would help show that the cost of a Platinum Executive Coaching package can easily pay for itself.  As another example, a recent management survey highlighted that managers are spending 18-26% of their time on conflict management.  Based on your remuneration package, how much does that cost per annum, and how much would you save if you reduced that just
by half?


This is extensive, it is limited to a few individuals and it does cost significantly more than any average coaching package.  But that’s because it’s not an average coaching package – this is for you, for your individual needs and to help you get the results you really want and are targeted against in today’s competitive environment.  Only you know its true worth.
If you are determined to get results, then contact Karen using the Contact Form for an initial discussion.