It’s been an honour to help a client who was suffering from anxiety/panic attacks after being diagnosed with a serious illness.  We worked on overcoming the attacks and calming techniques for use during consultations and to help her sleep during her road to recovery:  “You genius, I had a much better sleep!  I really can’t thank you enough…having woken up yesterday finding it impossible to make any decision, I was much calmer and in such a better place today … I want to really help you promote this, the world needs you!!”


“I have never used Assiem before and was naturally sceptical about whether they could really help me prepare for a difficult situation. I needn’t have worried, they were extremely thorough in  drilling down to uncover what my key issues really were, and determining how best to help me address them. It didn’t stop there, all throughout the process they were keen to ensure I had the correct mental tool kit to face my challenge ahead. And it worked perfectly. I was fully prepared on the day for any adverse eventuality that might arise and was confident that nothing could go wrong…all credit to [Karen at] Assiem.”

Glenn Steward

“I had been suffering from anxiety for a while and it was getting progressively worse to the point that it was affecting my normal day-to-day life. I couldn’t go into a doctors, get on a tube, be in an enclosed space, drink tea or coffee without thinking I may pass out. I was convinced that  overcoming my anxiety would be a long and steady process that would take a good few months. Karen was extremely empathic and really great to work with and after just one session I felt a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Now I happily get a tube/ train every day without any anxiety and I’m also drinking coffee again after 3 years of not having it! Never in my wildest dreams did I think my anxiety would completely vanish in a 1 hour session. I can’t thank Karen enough and would recommend NLP (Karen) to anyone who wants to get rid of anxiety/fears/phobias ASAP!”

Jordan Collyer

“I was in a funk, feeling lost, not really knowing what I needed but sure that something had to change.  Karen was great at establishing what I would benefit most from. She asked a lot of honest and probing questions which helped me to unveil the core reasons for some of my issues. Not only was her coaching approach from a scientific perspective but also a personal one where she took time and effort to really understand me and what inspires, motivates or scares me. With her background managing large teams in big companies she connects well with challenges in the workplace and gave me really helpful ideas on how to deal with stress, pressure and communication. Since the coaching sessions I feel like I am far better equipped to deal with my problems in a healthy way, the techniques she suggested have led to better communication with my peers and even at home. I feel more in control of my life and more confident in who I am.” 


“On hearing about Assiem I was at first very apprehensive yet keen to have an open mind. I previously had issues dealing with heated and confrontational situations and needed a better way to communicate. Karen made me feel relaxed and kept our sessions informative and fun. She took the time to really understand my needs, worries, anxieties and offered up positive and constructive solutions, along with small exercises I could perform on my own. With a few weekly sessions, accompanied with constant learning and development I now have the tools to handle confrontational situations in a calm and considerate manner. My time with Karen has been a positively wonderful experience which has given me a new lease of life inside work and in my own personal life, I would recommend Karen to anyone who needs to make a necessary life adjustment.”

David Francis

“I contacted Karen as I had moments of panic entering lifts, waiting in the queue to board a plane, refused to sit in the back of 2 door cars, and found it difficult to take a Tube in London without having to totally distract myself.  However after two 2 hour sessions I’ve managed without any hesitation to do all the above, except the plane (although that will happen in July), and have remained calm and smiling.  It was interesting that by doing the coaching I discovered that the underlying reasons for my phobia weren’t what I had previously thought or expected.  I found it very easy working with Karen, she was calm and listened to my issues and provided solutions and techniques to overcome them all.  I am much calmer now and feel much more in control.”

Neelum P

“A tribute to your excellent work with us. Towards the end of April 2018, and having had a recent dance competition not go anything like as well in places as it should have, we were not looking forward to future competitions with any excitement or enthusiasm, and were not enjoying our regular dance classes or lessons as much as previously.
Thanks mainly to your coaching sessions which started in early May, our dancing has been transformed, to the point at which we have achieved some outstanding personal bests in competitions, compliments from judges as well as from fellow competitors, as well as more compliments from our dance teacher, who said this week we were both improving at a more rapid rate. We have a competition tomorrow which we are both really looking forward to, and have a much more positive attitude to our dancing now.  Your coaching style was one of approachability, friendliness, helpfulness, and resourcefulness, combined with gentle probing to get to the heart of the issues. The coaching style was applied differently to each of us, as although we are a couple and dance together, we are individuals within that and have different strengths and weaknesses, and different needs. Once again, thanks for all your help, which has given us through positive thinking more resilience to weather not only dancing’s ups and downs, but also life’s ups and downs.  We cannot thank you enough for helping us achieve what we never thought would be possible for us. Onwards and upwards!”              Dance Competition couple

“Thank you for today. I’m feeling so much lighter and way more positive. I now don’t have an issue visually or with balance at all (apart from reading, but it’s coming along). Each day is better and I’m doing the things you recommended. I ave to say you really, truly helped me. Without your help I’d be in a pickle still and it would have been a longer recovery. I can never thank you enough. Your coaching is an MdDS cure!”    This was from a lady suffering from Mal de Debarquement Syndrome for over 3 weeks, following a recent boating holiday. Once doctors have tested for other disorders, research suggests it could be an incorrect signalling in the brain which has no medical cure. We thought it worth trying a combination of coaching and Applied Neuroscience techniques to identify stress and links to trauma or negative emotions, and had great results. (MdDS is an imbalance or rocking/swaying sensation that occurs after exposure to motion. It can last from a few weeks to years.)     HA

“At 65 years of age I found myself involved in the swing dance scene, which has a culture of dancing with as many different partners as possible in an evening instead of just your significant other. I was very reluctant to do this because I felt unhappy offering my deformed left hand to a follower as an invitation to dance. As a consequence, I was missing out on opportunities to practice and improve, I felt constantly under pressure to go over and ask someone to dance and I was not really enjoying dancing. Before contacting Karen I had made some changes to my dancing, such as using a lot more right-hand leads which had improved my overall confidence, but….. I still couldn’t do it! During our coaching session on Skype we explored some of the reasons for my reluctance to ask women to dance and why I did not have the confidence to do it. This unearthed a 50 year old incident when a teenage young woman refused to hold my hand in the middle of a “folk” dance. I had not actually thought about this incident for many years, but it is apparent that it had a significant and lasting effect on my teenage self. Karen went on to show me how to think about that incident and to prevent it impacting on my enjoyment of dancing today.  Within days of our coaching session my wife and I went to a social dance and I felt confident enough to ask several followers to dance and two weeks later at another dance my wife complained that she couldn’t find me to dance with her because I was already on the dance floor! Thank you for finding that last piece of the jigsaw and putting it in place for me. Now I can look forward to fully enjoying the swing dance scene.”                                                                                                                        ADM, still dancing.

“I would highly recommend Karen for anyone who is looking to work through personal or professional challenges that they are currently encountering. She is incredibly personable and supportive which makes her easy to open up to and be completely honest with. She has changed the way I see and approach difficult situations thus resulting in a more positive result in a short period of time.”                 Priya Nepoleon, Account Director

“Just wanted to let you know the presentation went well!  My boss said I did really well and I felt so much more confident and relaxed in it!!!”                                                                         JC, Personal Coaching Client

Thank you for all your help and support.  I feel I have made great steps at work.  I have started getting regular sleeping patterns and I’ve had no incidences of negative behaviour when dealing with colleagues. That is all down to your thoughtful and considered coaching.  I enjoyed our sessions and will keep you updated on my progress.”                                                                                                     D, Personal Coaching Client

“Overcoming my phobia and anxieties have left me feeling so empowered.  It’s an amazing feeling. Thank you so much.”                                                                                                     MC, Personal Coaching Client

“Since a child I have had a phobia of snakes. I couldn’t even look at a picture of them. Until a few years ago I managed my phobia by avoiding every situation where I might see one. Then I started travelling abroad to exotic places and found myself constantly worrying about seeing a snake. Whilst in Tunisia I discovered the evening entertainment one night was a snake charmer!! I just remember becoming hysterical and completely irrational until I knew it had left the building. During my next trip to Thailand I made the decision that I must overcome this fear as it was spoiling my holidays.  I got in contact with Karen, who agreed to help me. We discussed my phobia and within 1 hour I was prepared to face my fear. Within a few days Karen came with me to a show in a country wildlife park where I could see boa constrictors. Amazingly, as we entered, I picked up a toy snake in the shop – something I’d never been able to do before. But then we went to see the real snakes, and not only was I now able to look at them, I also stroked them!!  My phobia is now a thing of the past and I’m so grateful to Karen for helping me overcome my life-long phobia. It is Life changing! Worth every penny. I couldn’t believe that after only a one hour session, I went from being paralysed even looking at a snake in a book, to being able to do this…! (see photo of Debbie)”

Debbie Lake

“I’d been scared of heights since I could remember and I knew now was the time to overcome it, as I was missing out on adventures with my son. I was also worried as my 3 year old son had started to copy my phobia of heights. The process was very quick and Karen guided me through what was a stress-free session. And now I can enjoy taking my son to the top of castle turrets, to leisure parks, and even playing on climbing frames!”

Clare Wood

“I was terrified of flying, and often distressed all my friends and family who had to fly with me. More recently, I’d resorted to taking prescribed medication just so I could get on the plane. However, after less than an hour with Karen, I felt raring to go and looking forward to my upcoming holiday. On the day, I have to admit I was slightly nervous as I was doing this without the medication for the first time in a very long time, but it was all perfectly OK. I’d changed my way of thinking about it and it’s fantastic to be able to now feel calm and in control when I fly to that long-awaited holiday!”

Ellie Smith

“OMG, thank you, thank you, thank you! I find that I am more confident and more sure of myself and my dancing. I feel more comfortable in my dance classes. We actually had a show last week and I was super confident and had a ton of fun. Your tips are helping a million! I feel so positive that I just might audition for the junior company when next they have auditions. Wish me luck!”

Kai, Dance Student

“I couldn’t believe that after 25 years of smoking I found it surprisingly easy to stop – and I haven’t smoked since that one session with Karen. It amazed me to finally understand what triggered my need for a cigarette and to then decide on a different way of handling those emotions. And, although I wanted to do this for me, my 10 year old daughter is much happier too!”

Helen Holman

“The whole process [for overcoming my phobia of water] was just unbelievable, so easy and completely stress-free.  It only took 45 minutes and by the end of that I was surprised, and really pleased, that the emotions had disappeared entirely.  I just couldn’t wait to get on that boat – my phobia was gone and I was so excited about my upcoming holiday.  Thanks to Karen I am going to enjoy my trip completely, and may even try a banana boat if I can persuade the others to join me!  I would highly recommend anyone who has a phobia stopping them enjoying life, to speak to Karen and get rid of it.  I wasted too many years with this fear, only to have it gone in less than an hour, once I’d decided enough was enough.  I wish I had sorted it out a long time ago, but now that I have, I’m going to make the most of it at every opportunity.”       Click HERE for a rehearsal of a video testimonial to make you smile!

Becci Dorlay

“I’ve only had one conversation with Karen so far and my friends and colleagues have already noticed the difference in me. I was constantly anxious and worrying about every possible issue that could arise at work and in my personal life, and now I have a completely different perspective.”

 Personal Coaching Client