Creating environments where people feel motivated, inspired, healthy and happy

Executive Coaching

We’re passionate about every person being able to deliver to their full potential. Through the neuroscience of human behaviour and developing self-awareness, we help clients to appreciate their strengths and build on their ability to influence, motivate and engage.

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Leadership Services

For organisations who want to develop a high-performance culture, we deliver tailormade review programmes and coaching. The support to your leaders helps them to be more agile in managing change, attracting talent and improving customer satisfaction.

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Contact Assiem

Assiem Limited provides support to clients through Executive Coaching, Leadership Services, Self-Awareness and Personal Coaching. Please contact us for an initial discussion via the Contact Form, or 07540 724103.

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“Karen exudes an attitude of empathy, calmness and confidence that creates trust, engenders loyalty, builds teams and encourages others to strive for their best.”

“I would recommend Karen to any senior executive who wants to find different ways of looking at their business. Ever challenging and insightful, Karen worked with me to create and structure new approaches that have had a major impact on me and my team.”