• Executive Coaching

    We’re passionate about the person behind the leader, and how they can develop their strengths and skills for ongoing success, for themselves and the organisation.  

    Leadership is all about interaction with others.  But people are complicated, and have behaviours and approaches which can be very different, and therefore confusing.  So, we start with the person first.

    We go back to the fundamentals of human behaviour, and then build an understanding of how to transfer this knowledge across the different leadership needs.


  • Self-Awareness

    Managing teams is a complicated and often difficult process, especially if your own behaviours and communication style seems to be different to those in the team.   By obtaining a greater awareness of how you are motivated, take in information, make decisions and react in certain situations, you will be able to understand and appreciate others who are similar to you and those who are different.

  • Personal Coaching

    “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way you are right”  Henry Ford (1863-1947)

    Everything you experience in life determines what you think, believe, feel and how you behave.  These can be positive, but very often can stop you achieving what you want or can limit your abilities (be that in a personal or business environment).  If you hear yourself starting sentences like “I’m useless at….”, “I can’t do …..”, “I’m too old to ….”, then go to the Personal Coaching tab and see how coaching can help you achieve your goals.

  • Leadership Services

    Utilising 20 years’ of senior management experience we provide solutions for clients to resourcing problems or to resolve corporate concerns, including customer satisfaction/retention improvements, senior level departures, organisational restructures, planning and implementing change, or project management.

    For organisations who want to lead a high-performance culture, we provide review and implementation programmes.

    As businesses are reluctant to commit to long term fixed costs, interim management can ease the burden and risks of permanent recruitment, integrating smoothly with the current team and providing fast results.



Welcome to Assiem Ltd (MABNLP, MTLTA, MABH). “Assiem” is derived from the Italian word for “together”, and the logo represents the building blocks, or step by step approach to coaching: working together to get the results and success you desire.


By providing an inspiring and supportive coaching environment, with tailored solutions, our aim is to work effectively together with our clients to maximise the potential for success, both for individuals and organisations.


We help leaders to re-find motivation and deliver to their full potential. Understanding strengths, and using "brain-friendly" and self-awareness techniques, leaders gain success through increased engagement, customer service and innovation.

“Karen exudes an attitude of empathy,  calmness and confidence that creates trust,  engenders loyalty,  builds teams and encourages others to strive for their best.”

.Winner: Most Outstanding for Executive Leadership Coaching

Winner:  Best for Executive Leadership Coaching - Greater London

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