What is it that you want to change for yourself this year?  What are your targets and goals for your development that you want to put in place?

Change isn’t easy, and it’s rarely fast.  The initial decision to change can be fast – can be overnight.  Something happens, someone says something – and we decide that enough is enough.  It could be a comment from a colleague or friend, it could be that some feedback that’s caused confusion, it could be a concern that communication or motivation skills aren’t working well enough.  Whatever the reason, the decision can be instant.

So, what is your decision?  What is it that you want to work on?  Knowing that is the first step.   And then there’s the plan to keep that decision alive and achievable.

The plan and the following actions are longer term.  Learning new skills are going to be part of that plan.   We spend all our lives using certain skills and behaviours, but something can then make us realise that some of those may no longer be working for us (or those around us).  So unlearning them and learning new ones are all part of the new plan.

Make your plans your project.  Project ME!  And every day is part of your plan, part of your project.

The skills and techniques that can be learnt from coaching from Assiem Ltd are worth practising every day, as part of a project plan.   It’s not about short term information, but long term change and lifetime skills.  A long-term project Me.

The small steps, if we keep doing them, will become the new habits of a successful future.  Our brains are capable of significant change, thanks to the ability to learn new information (neuroplasticity).  To keep this new learning, however, it’s best to keep practising.

These new ways of thinking and new habits will help get us through the tougher times.  Leadership and management roles can be so fulfilling, but also challenging.  Learning new communication, motivation and leadership skills can make a big difference.  And so can learning much more about yourself.

What habits and beliefs are helping or hindering your progress, and how can you change what needs to be changed?  This is where ongoing coaching comes in, helping you plan and action Project Me.

Sometimes things will be difficult, sometimes easier, but the determination to keep going and keep working through these times will make a difference.  A coach can be your sounding board when you need it, a driving force to help you move forward, and a source of new techniques and skills to learn.

So, are you ready for change?  Are you ready to go full steam ahead with Project ME?  Then contact Karen at Assiem to find out how to get started with Executive Coaching.

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