Have you had an acute attack of anxiety and feelings of panic?

Are you plagued by fears that you know are irrational, but can’t get rid of them?

Do you avoid every day situations or activities because they make you feel anxious?

It’s normal to feel anxious when facing a challenging situation, but if your worries and fears seem overwhelming and interfere with your daily life, you may be suffering from an anxiety.

A combination of techniques from Applied Neuroscience and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) provide a way to deal with a anxiety in a positive way, and does not involve a lengthy analysis of where it started.

“I had been suffering from anxiety for a while and it was getting progressively worse, to the point that it was affecting my normal day-to-day life.  I couldn’t go into a doctors, get on a tube, be in an enclosed space, drink tea or coffee without thinking I may pass out.  I was convinced that  overcoming my anxiety would be a long and steady process that would take a good few months. Karen was extremely empathic and really great to work with and after just one session I felt a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  Now I happily get a tube/train every day without any anxiety and I’m also drinking coffee again after 3 years of not having it!  Never in my wildest dreams did I think my anxiety would completely vanish in a 1 hour session. I can’t thank Karen enough and would recommend NLP (Karen) to anyone who wants to get rid of anxiety/fears/phobias ASAP!”     Jordan


Are your Phobias stopping you enjoying life to the full?
Do you have a real desire to rid yourself of a debilitating Phobia or fear?

“I stood still in the middle of the road, with my baby in a pram, as I was paralysed by a picture of a snake on a billboard!”

We help clients easily and effortlessly overcome their Phobias, without having to resort to being continuously subjected to the cause of the Phobia.

Phobia of Flying?  Phobia of Doctors, Dentists, Hospitals?  Phobia of Needles?
Phobia of Snakes, Rodents, Clowns?  Phobia Heights?  Others?

It is usually understood that fear is rational but is a Phobia when the fear becomes irrational. These irrational fears are driven by emotions, meaning willpower, facts and reassurance have little impact. Phobias can make the sufferer’s life miserable, cause embarrassment and undermine self-esteem.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) provides a way to deal with a Phobia in a positive way, which does not involve a lengthy analysis of where it started, or having to be exposed to the topic of the Phobia.

I was worried as my 3 year old son started to copy my Phobia of heights. Now I can enjoy taking him to the top of castle turrets, to leisure parks, and even playing on climbing frames!” Clare

“Overcoming my phobia and anxieties have left me feeling so empowered.  It’s an amazing feeling.  Thank you so much.”   MC

“It’s fantastic to be able to now feel calm and in control when I fly to a long awaited holiday!” Ellie

“Life changing! Worth every penny. After only a one hour session, I went from being paralysed even looking at a snake in a book, to being able to do this…!” Debbie

Overcoming Snake Phobia


Anxiety:  We would need to understand your medical history and get permission from your doctor to work with you on anxiety and panic attacks.  However, when you are ready, and after a full consultation, it can be possible to get the quick results which will help you get your life back on track.

Phobias: *With full participation, often only one session of around an hour is needed to achieve the goal, altering the view and attitude toward the Phobia and improving quality of life.  

*This is an amazingly effective process, but will only work for those who have decided enough is enough and are absolutely determined to find a way to overcome their phobia.  We can then show you the way to succeed.  On occasions, a phobia is masking more underlying concerns and beliefs, so this would be reviewed as part of the phobia coaching session, with further coaching available if needed.

Please use the Contact Form to arrange a time for an initial discussion or answer any queries.

  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) & Time Line Therapy™ are life coaching techniques which bring about results by working with our natural patterns of thinking, using our memories and imagination, and identifying the strategies we use to relate to others and make sense of the world around us.
  • Karen is a certified practitioner of the life coaching techniques NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnotherapy.
  • Karen is also a certified practitioner of Applied Neuroscience, understanding brain-friendly techniques for developing learning, communication and motivational skills.
  • Additionally, Karen is a certified practitioner of the widely accepted management tool, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).
  • Karen is also a Mental Health First Aider.



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