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Through Executive Coaching we help managers and senior managers to re-find their motivation and trust, and to start delivering to their full potential again.  Assiem Ltd provides individual and team coaching to develop inspiring and motivational leaders, who can improve their team’s results through difficult changes and become re-engaged with the organisation so that they want to stay even when the market picks up.

You may have found that traditional training courses have not helped change leadership behaviour in the long term, but learning through experience, successes and mistakes has different results.  When leaders change role or responsibility, it’s often “sink or swim” time, and unfortunately many fail.  However, with coaching, your leaders have the opportunity to develop self-awareness and can be supported in learning through their direct and real-time experience.

Additionally, even though your organisation may depend on motivated, engaged and top performance employees, each of them will have their own agenda, goals and needs.  Telling them that they are important to the organisation probably won’t be enough.  But understanding what motivates them and being able to get them excited about contributing innovatively to your company will have lasting benefits for all involved.   So it’s important that your leaders know how to coach their employees to achieve this.

“I would recommend Karen to any senior executive who wants to find different ways of looking at their business. Ever challenging and insightful, Karen worked with me to create and structure new approaches that have had a major impact on me and my team.” 

Mike Berry, UK Country Manager, Talent Agency

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Through recent research in Neuroscience, coaching has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, which leads to more sophisticated thinking, emotional intelligence, empathy and creativity.  Coaching also helps create positive new neural pathways and build crucial connections, which are important for leaders to become more open to learning and obtain lasting change in behaviour and skills.

Executive coaching therefore provides solutions for a variety of different business issues:

  • Executive development. Promote a safe and efficient environment for senior business leaders to explore and address key development areas as individuals and/or to enhance the quality of leadership/teamwork in the senior executive team. Develop a powerful and strategic approach to the integration of people, culture and business objectives.
  • Succession planning. Accelerate the readiness of potential talent through one on one or group coaching. This could be part of a high potential or fast track program that might also include leadership skills development, mentoring, cross cultural assignments and other learning interventions. Also equip managers with coaching skills to enable a focus on development with their direct reports, to identify and retain talent throughout the organisation.
  • Strategic change. Major transformations will require supportive people strategies that inspire engagement and/or changes in behaviour to meet the performance targets.  Managers can also be provided with the coaching skills to be able to help employees cope with the changes and identify solutions.
  • Workforce planning. Increase employee retention and promote diversity by offering coaching to under-represented groups. Improve engagement and employee satisfaction in those hard to fill positions.
  • Transition support. Provide assistance to individuals who are moving through critical career transitions (promotions, new functions, first global role, new responsibilities/function). Coaching can be used to effectively shorten the learning curve in new positions. It is particularly useful in reducing the number of failed international assignments, increasing employee satisfaction, decreasing stress, improving productivity and retention.
  • Learning & development strategy. Provide integrated development solutions that use coaching to hold individuals accountable for meaningful and sustained behaviour change. Offer follow up coaching solutions to leadership development activities, including stretch assignments, and use coaching to shift the focus of development from the workshop to on the job.


  • Spending a lot of time dealing with difficult people.
  • Wanting a better understanding of the different ways people react to situations, incl themselves and their boss.
  • Worrying about staff retention, or that some members of their team are less motivated than others.
  • Their team are focussing on problems rather than trying to find solutions, or not learning from their mistakes.
  • There are clearly a lot of misunderstandings between the various departments in their organisation.
  • Being asked to deliver the same standards with less resources and a lower budget.

If you’re in a meeting and two team members started arguing, what’s your automatic response?  Anxiety?  Stomach in knots?  Do you withdraw or the words disappear and you can’t think what to say?  Do you get stressed and worry about interacting with certain people or groups?  Then you would benefit from understanding and recognising your “automatic” physical and emotional responses when under pressure through developing your self-awareness.  Being able to recognise emotions, triggers and needs of yourself and your team will help you interact and build better working relationships, as well as help reduce stress levels.

If these ring true, they are precisely the problems I can help you solve.


Illustrative and estimated costs, based on a remuneration package of £35k pa:

18-26% of a manager’s time is spent on dealing with difficult people: £6-9,000 per annum
Replacement for one resigned, de-motivated employee: c £25,000 (exc risk of new trainee processing errors)
Unproductive meeting time (10 managers for 2 hours): £400 per meeting

How would you like to make better use of the time available to you?
Where could you minimise your risks?



Executive coaching works best when it is an integral part of the organisation’s culture.  It needs to be strategically positioned with clear reasons or engagement and linked to other organisational components that tie the development directly to business strategy.

We work with managers and senior managers to motivate and develop their teams to produce the maximum improvement in the most straightforward and cost effective way. This is achieved by enhancing leadership skills, providing a supportive environment to management development and effective communication skills, all in line with the individual needs of today’s busy executives.

If you’re looking for someone who can coach, there are a lot of people in the UK who can do that. But if you’re looking for someone who knows what it’s like to be managed, has been responsible for leadership and management development for small to large complex teams, who knows how to get results in line with your desired direction, and more importantly knows how to motivate people to take the relevant steps, then Karen is the person you need to be speaking to.

Karen says: “Most traditional coaches are trained to be non-directive, to listen and ask questions and help you come to your own conclusions/solutions, staying within your original objectives.  I have a slightly different approach, and one which I don’t apologise for.  I am passionate about and fascinated by people and convinced of their potential.  And although it’s vital that I’m supportive and encourage you to find your own solutions, I will also challenge you, hold you accountable and push you with more direct questions, to fully explore your current thinking and potential for future success.   As a leader, I  would challenge others honestly and openly, aiming to face the facts to improve organisational effectiveness; not being one to blindly agree for fear of upsetting the status quo.   My approach to coaching is based on the same principles, now using a combination of interventions by mixing the traditional coaching skills of listening and understanding your unique style with the ability to question from experience established over 20+ years of leadership.  It’s not advice, telling people what to do or how I did it, but it is different to standard coaching practices. Ultimately it’s important to me that you benefit personally, but I believe it’s also important to bear in mind the objectives and needs of an organisation and those who work with you. If you like to be supported while exploring beyond your comfort zone, then my style of coaching may well suit you.”


Assiem has been been awarded SME’s “Most Motivational Leadership & Management Coach 2019” and “Best for Coaching & Leadership Services 2019 – Kent”,  “Most Outstanding for Executive Leadership Coaching” in the Corporate Vision Magazine 2017 Global Excellence Awards, and “Best for Executive Leadership Coaching – Greater London” in the Corporate Vision Magazine HR & Training Awards 2016.


Focused leadership skills ensure team members perform at their very best, looking for solutions rather than problems and improving productivity. Companies need a safe pair of hands to provide management development and guide them through difficult times, whilst getting the best value for any investment. When managers understand their own motivation and stress triggers, and develop effective communication skills, they can then inspire and provide the best support to their team.

Executive coaching provides dedicated support to experienced and new managers, through one-to-one coaching sessions, tailored workshops or projects. Working with you to determine your specific needs, various widely accepted leadership and management development techniques, including Hogan Assessments, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment tool and the Thomas-Kilman Conflict Mode Indicator™ (TKI™), can be integrated into the coaching.

“Personable, Karen can talk to anyone at any level. Junior team members are often surprised by her grasp on the everyday issues they face and her willingness to discuss them openly and challenge back appropriately. Karen genuinely believes in a team approach, which is an asset when it comes to developing others.”

Vince, Associate Director, Financial Services


Executive coaching is not about a standard formula for all, but working together with each client to get the best results for them. It is important that any work conducted by Assiem Ltd should support the existing structure, rather than attempt to replace what is clearly working effectively. Therefore, all executive coaching can be tailored to your needs, and the following provides some details on the various themes available.

Please use the Contact Form and we will arrange a time for an initial discussion or answer any queries.

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“Thank you .. thank you for such an uplifting report. I love reading what you write about behaviours and leadership. I find many articles around this topic but they seem to be more unrealistic or visionary to implement.  Some of the pieces in here I know could work well for the team managers.”

Arti Anand, Manager, Financial Services

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