Do you want a better understanding of the different ways people react to situations, including yourself and your boss?
Are you worried about staff retention?
Can you see that some members of your team are less motivated than others?
Are your team focussing on problems rather than trying to find solutions, or not learning from their mistakes?

If you can relate to these concerns then keep reading, as these are precisely the problems I can help you solve.


It is important to identify and value the differences individuals bring to the success of the team and the organisation; building on this where it works well. Where there is conflict or lack of progress, a greater awareness of oneself and others (and learning effective communication skills ) encourages understanding, trust and respect.

We help managers and team members to understand themselves whilst valuing diversity; helping to improve tenure by up to 26% in one year and reducing related turnover costs.

Communication, and especially feedback, benefits from being delivered in the language that suits each individual team member’s patterns of speaking and thinking. Additionally, each manager’s style can contribute to a positive and progressive team or, if unaware of their impact on others, can breed stress and conflict.


The workshop provides a dedicated time out of the working environment to understand the differences team members have in how they are motivated, take in information, make decisions and structure their lives. It also helps them to appreciate others who are similar to them, and especially those who differ from them. This programme can be adapted appropriately to develop effective communication skills for experienced managers or new managers in their first role.

The workshop combines the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment tool with further insights into the key differences that motivate people at work. The MBTI® is based on a questionnaire; the results of which are constructive and positive and designed to make the theory of personality types understandable and useful in everyday life.

Through understanding their own motivation and stress triggers, this workshop provides managers with techniques and skills covering conflict management, addressing decision makers, motivating staff, using words to get results, and giving effective feedback.


The workshop can be tailored to the individual organisation through an initial review process, and would then be a 2-3 day intensive coaching programme for junior and middle management to include some or all of the following.

  • Workshop for attendees to identify their personality type, using Myers Briggs – MBTI
  • Understanding the different personality types in relation to your own
  • effective communication skills Workshop
  • Staff Motivation Workshop
  • Effective Feedback Workshop
  • After the workshop, Assiem Ltd will email monthly tasks (for 6 months) to the Team Manager to use as exercises in meetings. One area we excel in is getting delegates to commit to using and applying the ideas and techniques covered in the coaching. They will leave the coaching with the confidence to apply what they have learned and be inspired and motivated to put it into action in the real world.


Your team has many years of experience, both personally and professionally, internal and external to the industry. Tapping into that wealth of knowledge, with respect and trust, can enable the team to progress further, faster and more creatively than would be possible individually.

The candidates will develop a greater understanding of themselves in the workplace and the others within their team, as well as some useful insights into effective communication skills and in appreciation of others’ ways of working and thinking. This can transform the way the team works and the results it attains. Using these principles, Karen has previous improved staff tenure by 26% and reduced the related turnover costs by c£450k in one year.

The costs of this Workshop could be returned by saving just 2 hour’s worth of unproductive time in team meetings or planning discussions for the organisation.

Or, given a recent management survey highlighted managers are spending 18-26% of their time on conflict management; the workshop could immediately pay for itself by significantly reducing this percentage, giving you and your team managers back this valuable time to spend on more relevant activities.


It is important that any work conducted by Assiem Ltd should support the existing structure, rather than attempt to replace what is clearly working effectively. Therefore, all important decisions about content and facilitation are worked through with the manager involved.

To understand more about the ways Assiem Ltd can help you develop effective communication skills , please use the contact box to request an initial discussion.

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