Do your team understand the importance of customer satisfaction?

Are some departments unaware of their role in customer retention?

Are departments in conflict, including over the full customer journey?

Are teams lacking in motivation and engagement?

Has your employee turnover increased and you’re losing (or have the risk of losing) your top talent?

As an organisation grows, workloads increase exponentially, teams and people get overwhelmed, previously effective managers start making mistakes, and approaches and leadership styles that have worked well in the past may start failing. 

It becomes essential to ensure that all departments are leading, implementing and embedding the strategic plan for customer take on and retention. As inter-departmental relationships become more complex, there is the potential for productivity, operational procedures and customer relationships to suffer.  Therefore, leadership and communication skills become key to a high-performance culture where employee motivation and engagement are maintained through considerable and continuous change.



Senior Executives often have little time to step back and obtain a clear overview of the current state of play.  Leading the organisation to create a high-performance culture can often come second to sales targets and the reactive nature of providing customer requirements.  

Knowing a problem/situation really well could be stopping you finding a solution – it’s often beneficial to get a different or fresh perspective. Engaging an external source in these circumstances can provide the insight needed in a time and cost effective way.

We work with the Senior Executives to understand the organisation’s strategic direction and review the fit and leadership strength in achieving that, in the short and medium term.   Using our extensive experience in operational processes, customer service and leadership coaching across a number of industries, we are able to evaluate an organisation’s current service standard, engage the leadership and recommend direction that leads to measurable improvements.

“This review has been thorough and engaging, and has provided very useful information to help us drive the business forward, as well as providing me with a level of comfort in the strategic direction we were planning. The management team have already benefited from the exercise and are more motivated about their role, the business growth and improving customer service.  This programme should definitely be rolled out to the other territories in the organisation.”

Senior Executive, Business Head



The HPC Review Programme consists of the equivalent of 5 working days, over a 2-3 week period and includes the following:

  • Initial meeting with Senior Executives to establish the current strategic direction and areas of concern, and agree the scope of the project.
  • Interviewing leadership representatives of agreed departments designed to provide insight into specific operational, customer service and leadership achievements and challenges.
  • Review of key operational and customer data.
  • Report collation, recommendations for next steps and meeting to present and discuss findings.



As our lead Consultant, Karen has extensive experience of recommending and implementing practical strategies and staff engagement to build sustainable high-performance cultures.  The programme we have developed is suitable for large or medium sized organisations that are committed to achieving results.

Following the review programme, Senior Executives receive a detailed findings and recommendations report which allows for a structured approach to prioritising next steps.

By prioritising and implementing a number of recommendations, one department (of 150 employees) within a global organisation recorded cost savings of nearly £1m in one year, through initiatives which increased productivity by 20% and gained a 26% improvement in employee tenure.  Additionally, the team was able to improve overall customer satisfaction by 14%, obtaining levels of up to 92% very satisfied/satisfied.

Other organisations (inc Talent Management and Accountancy firms) were able to identify areas of leadership and operational changes (including organisation restructures) needed to improve customer service and business growth.  Subsequent executive coaching developed the strong, future-focussed leadership teams required to implement initiatives and continue growth.



Following on from the review stage, many clients have implemented a Leadership Development programme.  This would be tailored to your specific needs to ensure the most impact for your management team in the shortest period of time.  As an example, a Leadership Development programme can be structured over a 10-week period and include five group workshops interspersed with five 1-2-1 coaching sessions for each manager.  This enables efficient information sharing and team building, with the opportunity for personal understanding and implementation of knowledge.



The HPC Review Programme is ideal for medium-sized and large organisations, especially if they are currently or have recently gone through a substantial period of growth and are concerned about the impact on productivity, customer service and leadership.


If you are interested in leading and implementing a high-performance culture in your organisation, then please do contact us for an initial discussion on our initial HPC Review Programme.

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