Are your leaders willing and able to drive creativity and innovation in your organisation?

Do you know how to get the best from your teams’ collective minds?

Is your organisation running out of new ideas?

Are your teams stuck in their thinking?

One of the frustrations leaders have is that there seems to be only a few individuals within their teams who will take the initiative or are capable of looking for innovative solutions.

Additionally, they themselves may have been told that they don’t take enough risks when coming up with new ideas, they need to look beyond the day to day and find new and innovative ways to take the team/business forward, or they need to do more on building and leading new strategies.

To help individuals and teams to generate new and unusual solutions for problems, we want to move away from the known and recognised, and encourage flexibility and novelty of ideas.

Our current connections and associations can be likened to a jigsaw; recognised, interlinking and with a defined edge.  But we need to change it, make it 3D, take out pieces and replace them with new ones, change some colours, get rid of the edge and take it in a new direction, or even take out some of the pieces and add to a number of other jigsaws’ pieces to make a completely new one!  We can even think of each team member as having part of the puzzle, and when together and communicating effectively, a previously unknown solution can be made.

The process to help here is one that inhibits our old ways of thinking (strong, learnt, habitual responses) so we can let a wider range of associations come to our attention to create new solutions.  This involves defocusing and allowing our thoughts to wander – concentrating too hard on a problem doesn’t help.


Free Guide

Expand the Jigsaw2I’ve written a short guide, designed for leaders who want to start to address the lack of creativity and innovation in their organisation and help their teams generate new ideas.

This is an introductory guide to start the process of improving creativity and innovation – helping you and your team to think differently.  (Please note, however, that it doesn’t cover the step-by-step process of problem-solving of defining, analysing and delivering a solution.)

Click HERE to download your FREE guide: Expand The Jigsaw, A guide to help leaders create the space for creative and innovative discussions.

Leadership Skills Coaching

Great leaders need the confidence to lead innovation by creating the space and time for all to be involved; allowing people to interact, discuss and give feedback.   Leaders who are comfortable with diversity and conflict will nurture from the bottom up, connect viewpoints, experiment and learn.  They will be able to set the stage, and not expect to be the one and only performer.  They will be OK with allowing others to debate with them, and understand and be able to provide the right environment that encourages new ideas.

Executive Coaching helps leaders to become more self-aware and improve confidence, so that they can lead in a dynamic environment that facilitates the bringing together of innovative and creative ideas. We can provide insight into some of the latest “brain-friendly” techniques and management tools which help identify strengths and harness creativity across your teams.

Executive Coaching can be provided as a 1-2-1 coaching programme, or through tailormade workshops.

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