If Not Gold, Do Your Team Want Silver or Bronze?

Following the 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics, researchers studied those who had won gold, silver and bronze medals.  Those who won gold seemed the happiest, but surprisingly those who received bronze seemed happier than those who got silver. According to a recent Inc.com article, this is down to what psychologists call “counterfactual thinking” or “what if”, […]

How Not to Damage Self-Esteem With Your Feedback

If you don’t give feedback, or only rarely (eg. only during Annual appraisals), then your employees get very little encouragement to provide exceptional performance, as the assumption could be that all is fine.  No news is good news?  Although not great for building confidence levels. Studies have shown that people who received regular praise and […]

Future Success from Past Mistakes

Nobody likes making mistakes (I know, obvious Karen!), but there’s a big difference to your approach when you’re scared of making them.  There’s the personal fear, but it could also be that your organisation has a “blame culture” where mistakes are frowned upon and people are always on the lookout for a scapegoat.  This would […]