Reducing Zoom Fatigue

“Zoom fatigue” – yet another phrase we would never have said or heard of this time last year! And it would be fair to say that many people are in the “I’m bored of it all now” stage.  2020 has certainly been a masterclass in seeing how mental anxiety and stress increases when we are […]

Leaving Some “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”

Nobody likes to feel left out of a conversation, or that their contribution isn’t valued. Well, I’ve not met someone yet! The phrase “out of sight, out of mind” could become increasingly concerning during this current crisis. Effective leadership and communication will help keep the whole team engaged, motivated and productive, with well-being at the […]

Why Human Nature is Anti Leadership

Can human nature be causing issues in today’s organisations by instinctively being anti leadership? The biggest challenge for leaders of today is the shift in power away from a command and control, carrot and stick management, to an understanding that their focus needs to be on others.  As organisations grow and develop over the next […]

The Leadership Skills Needed for the Demands of 2020

  According to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report, even though there will be advances in robotics and AI, it’s the leadership skills around human behaviour that will be even more important to succeed in 2020. Chief Human Resources officers from global companies were asked what they thought the top 10 skills required […]

Do the Work or Lead The Team

It’s often reported that employees leave their managers, not the organisation.  The manager is the person, more than anyone else, who help others thrive, increase employee engagement and determine the success for individuals and the business.  Or they can demotivate and drive employees away, even to the competitor. High turnover statistics, especially when there are […]

The Value of Fairness in the Workplace

When leaders are developing their communication skills, it’s worth understanding how events around us can trigger a reward or threat scenario in our minds, and what this can do to our ability to think clearly. Let’s take fairness as an example.  If we feel that we’ve been unfairly treated or taken advantage of, this can […]

Self Awareness Improves Self Esteem in Business

In management, it is important to identify and value the differences individuals bring to the success of the team and the organisation; building on this where it works well.  Each manager’s style can contribute to a positive and progressive team or (as you may have encountered from some of your bosses), if unaware of their […]

The Potential of High Employee Engagement

  In the UK, organisations have recorded that only 3-25% of their staff are highly engaged, offering a huge improvement potential for those leaders who can demonstrate the link to profitability, productivity and staff tenure. The government commissioned paper written by David MacLeod and Nita Clarke, entitled Engaging For Success, provides a number of statistics […]