According to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report, even though there will be advances in robotics and AI, it’s the leadership skills around human behaviour that will be even more important to succeed in 2020.

Chief Human Resources officers from global companies were asked what they thought the top 10 skills required for employees to be successful would be for 2020.  The table below shoes the comparison to 2015.










What becomes apparent is the introduction of Emotional Intelligence and cognitive flexibility, and the rise of creativity and critical thinking.

When customer service requires personal and conversational agility, it’s understandable that cognitive flexibility is becoming important.  And when technological demands require skilled problem-solving and full consideration of what people need, we can see why emotional intelligence comes in.

Additionally, emotional intelligence is vital for a motivated and creative workforce.  One that can meet the demands of the technological world, but also the human needs of employees and their consumers.

Emotional intelligence requires a deep self-awareness and self-control.  And those with high EI understand human behaviour, understand the need for cooperation, demonstrate empathy, are exceptional listeners and can make informed (and unbiased) decisions.

When it comes to the leadership skills ready for 2020, those who have developed these skills will be better placed to take on the challenges of these new demands.

Leaders who can keep calm in difficult situations and can regulate their emotions, will encourage the motivation, engagement and creativity of their workforce.  Alternatively, a leader who has low emotional intelligence stops listening, causes conflict, amplifies their stress to others, and generally de-motivates all around them.  Not a great place to work!

When a psychological safe environment is fostered by leaders, productivity and innovation is high, and top talent stay in or are attracted to the organisation.

Luckily, leaders can develop their emotional intelligence and self-awareness, and coaching is great way to do this.  Understand your emotions, stress triggers, confidence changers, negative and positive beliefs and habits affecting your leadership ability.  My coaching always starts with the human behaviours of the individual, and then uses that knowledge for specific leadership and team needs.

Additionally, to look at ways of improving creativity and innovation in your team, I’ve created a free guide Expand The Jigsaw, which you can download here.

If you are interested in how Executive Coaching could help you and/or your team develop the leadership skills needed for the demands of 2020, then please get in contact for an initial discussion.


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