Do you have a one-off but very important event coming up, at which you need to be your most confident and in control?  Are you worried how you’re going to cope – with stress, anxiety, nerves?

These events can include, but are not restricted to, the following:

  • Important presentation?
  • Public speaking?
  • Interview?
  • Performance – acting, dancing, audition?

Have you previously spent months preparing, practising and perfecting what you need to do, only to find that on the day:

  • you haven’t slept well
  • you’re stomach is full of anxiety and nervous tension
  • you’re easily wound up or irritated
  • round and round in your head, that little voice is questioning your ability, what others will think of you and whether you can really be successful?

Do you feel like you’re just going to explode with the stress?

You’re trying to tell yourself to be positive and stay calm, but it’s not working.  When self doubt kicks in, do you believe it and end up performing badly, and taking the anguish and disappointment back with you?  This can cause your self confidence to diminish, which can then seriously affect your self-esteem.

You may enjoy the challenge, want to push yourself and achieve the best results.  But is it possible that your current beliefs and behaviour patterns could be holding you back?


Negative beliefs and anxiety levels brought on by all these issues will have a considerable affect on your mind’s ability to cope and adapt to any new challenges or unexpected turn of events.  However, if you can turn this around and think differently, in pursuit of success and positivity, your mind’s natural chemical reaction enhances your ability to think creatively and respond quickly to any eventuality.

Which do you think is better for you during your important event??

Through this Confidence Boost session, I help clients improve their self confidence and self esteem; finding ways to unlock their potential to succeed in their chosen goal.

This is a one-off, dedicated coaching session of up to 2 hours, concentrating solely on giving you the tools you need to improve your self confidence and self-esteem, as part of your preparations for the challenge that lies ahead.

“I have never used Assiem before and was naturally sceptical about whether they could really help me prepare for a difficult situation. I needn’t have worried, they were extremely thorough in drilling down to uncover what my key issues really were, and determining how best to help me address them. It didn’t stop there; all throughout the process they were keen to ensure I had the correct mental tool kit to face my challenge ahead. And it worked perfectly. I was fully prepared on the day for any adverse eventuality that might arise and was confident that nothing could go wrong…all credit to [Karen at] Assiem.”

Glenn Steward, Director, Trading Edge Company


In order to maintain the ability to keep your mind in the optimum state, you need to control any anxiety levels and potential for negativity on the lead up to and during the event.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) & Time Line Therapy™ are techniques which, at their core, are studies of what makes successful people successful.  They bring about results by working with our natural patterns of thinking, using our memories and imagination, and identifying the strategies we use to relate to others and make sense of the world around us. By working with a combination of techniques, which all value the importance of maintaining your own individual uniqueness, you will learn how to control your specific anxiety and fears and significantly improve your self confidence levels.

Areas covered can include:

  • Overcoming anxiety and fears
  • Relating to an audience
  • Eliciting positive states such as calm/relaxation, excitement, confidence
  • Instant self confidence and self-esteem boosters
  • Negative beliefs and limiting decisions
  • Anchoring positivity

If you believe you can do something you probably can.  If you believe you can’t do something, you probably won’t even give yourself the opportunity to find out.  As Henry Ford once said “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way you are right”.

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Your event is important to you.  Improve your self confidence and give yourself every opportunity to perform at your best.

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