A new survey has revealed that a quarter of British employees do not respect their managers, and nearly half are not motivated by them.

The main findings show that:

  • 36% say their supervisor fails to provide clear instructions
  • 23% dislike their managers
  • Nearly half don’t think their manager helps them develop their career
  • 30% say their managers fail to provide constructive criticism
  • 27% felt their supervisor talked down to them.

These may appear to be extremely harsh findings, given how hard managers work for their teams.  However, employee engagement and employee retention, some of the biggest worries for today’s managers, are often worsened by well-intentioned managers who are actually de-motivating their teams without realising.

And we know that if leaders are not effective at motivating their team, mistakes increase, people become bored and unproductive, and quality of service drops.

Successful organisations understand the link between employee motivation and improved productivity and innovation, through consistent and effective communication skills.  Therefore, it’s important that supportive and motivating leadership skills help people fulfil their potential, work at their best and continue to become more capable and skilled.

I think that this survey has highlighted that it’s important that, as a manager, you consider the impact you’re having on your team and whether your communication skills and motivational skills are having the desired results.

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