How Do You Prefer To Manage Conflict?

Although research has shown that 18-26% of managers’ time is spent on dealing with conflict, there is more than just time that can be gained from effective handling and conflict management.  Whenever there are disagreements between colleagues (be that regarding tasks, projects, handling specific situations) where different perspectives, information and expertise are brought to the […]

Does Each Generation Expect to be Motivated Differently?

Although there are many individual requirements to take into consideration when motivating our employees, we can also find some general expectations on motivating each of the “Generations” in our teams.  Having diverse teams covering different generations, in my book, is ideal as it provides a breadth of experience, an increased ability to learn from each […]

Motivational Needs: Are You Upsetting or Rewarding Employees?

There have been many studies showing that money is not a good motivator, even though it is usually at the top of the performance-related schemes in organisations.  So, if money doesn’t work, what does?  From the research, praise and recommendation from their immediate manager, recognition, personal satisfaction, career growth and a challenging role seem to […]

The Value of Fairness in the Workplace

When leaders are developing their communication skills, it’s worth understanding how events around us can trigger a reward or threat scenario in our minds, and what this can do to our ability to think clearly. Let’s take fairness as an example.  If we feel that we’ve been unfairly treated or taken advantage of, this can […]

Self Awareness Improves Self Esteem in Business

In management, it is important to identify and value the differences individuals bring to the success of the team and the organisation; building on this where it works well.  Each manager’s style can contribute to a positive and progressive team or (as you may have encountered from some of your bosses), if unaware of their […]

Sales, Marketing & Ops – a way to communicate

Departments, by nature, have specific role expectations and specific characteristics in order for them to function effectively.  However, that very difference can also cause miscommunication when interacting with one another.  By way of example, for this blog, I’m going to look at the roles of Sales, Marketing and Operations, but the same principle applies to […]

The Potential of High Employee Engagement

  In the UK, organisations have recorded that only 3-25% of their staff are highly engaged, offering a huge improvement potential for those leaders who can demonstrate the link to profitability, productivity and staff tenure. The government commissioned paper written by David MacLeod and Nita Clarke, entitled Engaging For Success, provides a number of statistics […]