The dip in afternoon productivity when employees don’t take a lunch break has been reported by Bupa as costing businesses nearly £50million a day.  Employees believe they are doing their bosses a favour by working through lunch, with a third of those not taking a break saying this is down to management pressures or work overload.

However, the dip in productivity is exacerbated by reports of irritability, stress and the increase in health problems.  Taking caffeine or sweets to help employees through the day can actually add to the problem by causing insomnia and dehydration.

Although it’s not always practical to take a full hour for lunch, it is important to take regular breaks, in order to stay focussed and alert.  Where you can, build break times into your diary if necessary, go for a quick walk to get fresh air, allow a little time for chatting with colleagues and having some fun.   An appropriate balance is needed in order to get the most productivity and motivated team long term.

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