According to a recent Manpower global talent survey, a sixth of employers are finding it difficult to fill key roles in their organisation, even in these high levels of unemployment.  And it seems that skills shortages are the main problem.

The survey identified that “management/executives” are the third most difficult roles to fill.  This could be attributed to only 12% of UK employers giving extra training and development to their employees to encourage the necessary leadership skills.

Organisations that have previously cut their headcount, and now need to increase their workforce again, are paying the price, as trying to recruit for the leadership skills they need in a talent-hungry market is extremely difficult.  The best talent isn’t, or shouldn’t be, available as talented employees are looked after by their organisations.  The chance to recruit them would be if their current organisation undervalues them.

So organisations need to ensure they are valuing their current skilled employees, spotting potential high performers and developing them with the necessary leadership skills.  This risk is losing the talent pool, and then struggling to replace them – very costly in time, money and results.

Investing in employees’ career development encourages loyalty to the organisation and motivation to drive effective productivity and efficiencies; especially important during and moving out of an economic downturn.  Keeping hold of and developing your best managers will help weather the storm and build a robust platform for the future.

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