CASE STUDY – Leading Effective Programmes


An experienced programme manager wanted to develop their leadership effectiveness and business impact necessary to build a trusting team environment within the confines and time constraints of each contract.  Additionally, to clarify future career direction, and an understanding of the skills and strengths needed to progress.

  • Individual fortnightly one-to-one coaching over a 3 month period.
  • Clarified goals and objectives, and executive coaching requirements.
  • The client completed a number of management reporting tools to aid self-awareness, which could be used as a basis for ongoing discussions on strengths and communication skills.
  • Developed interpersonal and leadership skills, including working preferences, individual motivational requirements, conflict management and adapting their style to others.
  • Reviewed and challenged beliefs affecting new assignment approach, confidence and anxiety levels.
  • Analysed the business requirements for a number of roles, reviewed suitability against strengths, and confirmed direction.

The leadership skills developed helped the programme manager to quickly impact their team-related concerns over loyalty, risk-taking and responsibility within new contract assignments.  An understanding of personal motivations and how to work through conflict and leadership challenges unique to this environment, built confidence and positivity.

In addition, understanding strengths, skills and the beliefs negatively impacting their career decision making, facilitated a clear future career direction and focus.