CASE STUDY – High Performance Culture


To enable the Head of the UK business to progress the European expansion, it was essential that an exceptional management team was in place to support and progress the UK organisation in line with the strategic direction and planned growth plans.  The team had only recently been built, with a number only recently promoted to a manager role. A review of the organisational structure was required, together with individually tailored leadership development.

  • Clearly established the Head of UK’s current strategic direction and areas of concern.
  • Interviewed each manager to provide insight into: leadership strengths and potential; inter-departmental relationships and conflict; organisational structure and internal practices; pressure points, organisational potential and customer experience.
  • Reviewed key operational data, including business goals, targets, budgets, performance reviews and employee surveys.
  • Full review documented and recommendations for process improvements, customer service enhancements and individual leadership coaching agreed.
  • A 10 week programme of fortnightly team Workshops and individual leadership coaching sessions implemented.
  • Executive coaching programme for the Head of the UK business.

The organisational structure and ongoing strategic direction were revised, with prioritisation on customer experience initiatives and internal practices implemented.  Advanced communication skills were utilised with both internal and external customers.

The coaching programme provided the opportunity for individual development needs, as well as team dynamics (including between the Head and the management team).  Each progressed self-awareness, strengths-based leadership skills, communication skills, conflict management, leadership behaviours and responsibility.  Conflict between departments was addressed, and the team moved from personal to business prioritisation decision-making and problem solving.