Successful Manager Transition

Make a Lasting Impression in the First 3 Months


Taking on a new team is not only challenging for you as a leader, but it’s also “all change” for the team itself.  According to one survey, 40-50% of new hires fail to achieve the desired results.  This could be either through misunderstanding the needs of the role or lack of flexibility to adapt.  

  • Want to thrive in your new role as quickly as possible?
  • Want to prove to senior executives why you were brought in?
  • Want to help your team to be motivated, engaged, and empowered to work effectively?
  • Want to manage the changes successfully for you and your colleagues?
  • Want to get results without the stress?

Whether you have taken over from your previous manager, moved to manage a new team in your organisation, or have been brought in externally as a new manager, you want to be taken seriously from the outset.  


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"I have read your guide  for successful management  transition and I think this would be beneficial to all types of organisations.  I have been managing teams for quite a few years now and speaking from experience I have witnessed a lot of new managerial appointments being left to find their own way and not being given the management skills at the start of their appointment.


One of the complaints I hear from new supervisors and managers in my own and from people I know in other organisations is that they are given the title and are then expected to perform at the highest level from day 1.  For some people leading a team doesn't come naturally even though they have the knowledge and experience in the sector they work in.


I could go on about how important a successful transition into management is but some of the basics that I always pass on are that as a manager you should always use REG.  That is treating your staff with Respect, Empathy and Genuineness.  You are completely right about having a clear vision and this has to be communicated to the team your are working with, trying to get them to take ownership of the tasks involved in reaching your goals.  Employee engagement is something I also discuss as well as this is often thought of of the domain of the HR department.


I think your guide is something  anyone who works in the roles which involve resourcing talent and senior management should read as it gives very good insights into making the  transition a success, and after all, it is in their best interest."

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